RV inside covered garage in snow

Winter is Coming: Protect Your Outdoor Valuables

There’s nothing fun about bracing the outdoors during winter. Besides the picturesque scenery and maybe occasional ice skating adventure, facing the elements when it’s snowing, freezing and windy, is anything but pleasurable.

Those same elements that sting when they hit your skin, are taking a toll on the valuables you must leave outdoors too. Cars, boats and motorcycles left uncovered are vulnerable to rot, debris and host of other issues that winter weather can bring.

No garage? No worries.

If you want to protect your outdoor valuables from rust, moisture, animals and bugs, consider a portable garage or other form of shelter to help keep your treasured items dry and safe.

Portable garages are great for the winter because they eliminate the time spent scraping ice and snow off your car and can keep temperatures down to reduce potential damage to wiring and other mechanical parts caused by extremely cold temperatures.truck inside covered garage

Portable Options

Depending on the usage and preference, a portable shelter can come with a steel frame, a roll up door and a rounded or peaked shape, to meet varying weather situations.

There’s also an option for those looking for quick, low cost protection. Car pocket and motorcycle pocket covers are a one-size-fits-all solution for dry storage so you can have peace of mind that your investment isn’t completely left to brace winter’s heavy storms.

Shelters of America provides products for all weather storage needs. From canopies and carports to storage buildings and replacement covers. Don’t let this winter pass by without the right shelter in place.

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