greenhouse gardening

Winter Gardening Made Easy with Greenhouses

Gardening is a hobby many enjoy, especially over the summer months when it’s warm and the temperatures are just right. If you live in a region where winters are cold and snowy however, that hobby is limited only to those few, short months. Thankfully, there are alternatives to outdoor gardening that still make it possible to get your hands in the dirt and planting even if it’s snowing outside.

Greenhouses are a great option for those who love gardening and want to continue to grow flowers and vegetables throughout the winter.

Benefits of Greenhouses

What makes greenhouses great is that they can store things outdoors while still keeping them shielded from the elements. An added heat source also makes these structures perfect for temperature controlled growing or reducing other risk factors from extreme cold temperatures. Portable green houses are also a great way to have an extra shelter built right on your property while still keeping costs low.

Heat & Protection

Greenhouses that are constructed of durable frames and that use the proper covers can help gardens to grow fruitfully because they allow important sun and heat in, while keeping dangerous elements out. Whether you’re looking to start new plants from seedlings or continue to grow already mature crops, you can be sure that setting up a greenhouse can keep them thriving even through the cold seasons.

Shelters of America

Selecting options that allow for sunlight to bath plants and with ventilation options, works best when buying a greenhouse for winter gardening. Shelters of America offers greenhouse options in various sizes. They are easy to set-up and available for various needs and budgets. Also included are triple-layer, heat-bonded, rip-stop translucent covers that are waterproof and UV-treated on the inside and outside. Combined with all-steel frames, the greenhouses can withstand severe winter weather and let you keep your gardening hobby all year long. Check out our greenhouse selection.