Why You Should Ventilate Your Greenhouse in the Spring

A greenhouse can let you enjoy growing vegetables or flowers all year long, even in the middle of winter. If you have been thinking about growing plants in a greenhouse, spring is a good time to set one up and get started. You will need to adjust the way you use your greenhouse depending on the season. You will probably need to ventilate it in the spring.

Why a Greenhouse Needs to Be Ventilated in the Spring

A greenhouse is insulated to trap heat. The greenhouse absorbs heat from the sun during the day and retains it through the night, when the temperature dips lower.

Temperatures on a spring day can range from mild to extremely hot. On a hot day, all of that heat trapped in an enclosed space can be too much for plants to bear. Plants in an unventilated greenhouse can suffer the way a person would in a hot car with the windows up. All of your vegetables or flowers can die if they are left in a greenhouse that reaches temperatures that are too high. You can prevent that by ventilating your greenhouse.

Ventilating a greenhouse also provides fresh air that plants need. Without a regular exchange of fresh air, your greenhouse will not have enough carbon dioxide for plants to grow.

How to Control the Temperature in Your Greenhouse

You will need to strike a balance with just the right amount of heat. The methods you use to ventilate your greenhouse will depend on the climate in your region, the type of greenhouse you have, and the type of plants you are growing. You can use either manual or automatic methods to ventilate your greenhouse. You may want to consider vents, fans, or a solar opener.

Order a Greenhouse from Shelters of America This Spring

If you are thinking about buying a greenhouse, early spring is an excellent time to do so. You can set it up and be ready to start growing vegetables or flowers in a controlled environment where they can thrive.

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