peak-style shelter

When to Use Peak-style Storage Buildings

If you’ve been thinking about adding a portable shelter on your property, then you may already have some usage reasons in mind. Whether it’s to store a classic car over the winter, keep lawn equipment neat and protected or to start a greenhouse, there are endless possibilities when it comes to using portable shelters.

After you decide the use, you’ll need to find a building type best suited for those needs. Metal carports, enclosed shelters or peak style buildings are just some of the options to choose from.

For this post, we’ll be looking exclusively at peak-style storage buildings and the reasons to select this style.


One of the top reasons people choose peak-style storage is to accommodate a very tall item being stored. An RV that’s put away during the colder months will work great under a peak-style storage building because it can be driven right in and out due to the higher ceiling and sizing.

Roof Style

Another common reason to choose a peak-style building is the shape of the roof and its ability to keep the elements away. Not only does the cover keep rain and snow from getting inside and damaging the contents of the portable shed, but it’s pointy top also flushes water off and away from the top of the dwelling so if you live in an area that gets large snow accumulations you don’t have to be so concerned about the weight causing the building to collapse onto your valuables.

Cover Quality

At Shelters of America, our peak-style storage shelters are made for superior durability. From frames made of 14 gauge 2.315 OD Allied Gatorshield structural steel tubing to 12.5-ounce, 24-millimeter thick rip-stop polyethylene material that has been treated to provide protection from the sun’s UV rays and a skylight and steel roll-up door with lock.

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