When to Use a Pop-Up Canopy

As we saw a few weeks earlier, pop-up canopies are a common sight at many outdoor festivals and fairs. In general, pop-up canopies, also called party tents or easy-up canopies, are designed to be set up and taken down quickly and to protect from immediate weather, be it rain or sun. A typical pop-up canopy is a one-piece unit, in which the sides fold out and the canopy is attached to the metal frame. While this design is used for square-shaped shelters, longer shelters often come in multiple pieces. But, regardless of what kind of party tent or pop-up canopy you need, each has a powder-coated steel frame and a polyester canopy that has been treated to be UV resistant and waterproof. The canopy, once taken apart or folded, is often transported as one piece in a bag that will fit in the back of most cars and trucks.

Pop-up canopies are mostly for personal use. Generally, pop-up canopies are kept in storage and then set up for backyard parties or taken to the beach. When used in this instance, the canopy structure should be held in place by stakes at the bottom, as the wind might blow one of these structures over. As the structure can fold up, it can be taken in your car from your home to any location in which you’ll need shelter.

Pop-up canopies, outside of the home, are commonly seen in locations like fairs, trade shows, and flea markets – any location in which a person and various items he or she is selling will need protection from sun and rain. Often, a pop-up canopy is set up during the event, with rows of vendors or businesses sheltering themselves and their table by a pop-up canopy. However, as these shelters can be set up within minutes, many bring the shelters to an outdoor event like a flea market and then set up the canopy at the first sight of rain.