What to Do If the Roof on Your Portable Garage Is Leaking

portable garage roof leakPortable storage buildings are built with durable materials, but they can become damaged by trees, storms, or years of wear and tear. If the roof on your portable garage is leaking, there are several steps you should take as soon as possible to reduce the severity of the damage and get it repaired quickly.

If there are any items stored in the area directly below the leak, move them to another place away from the water. This can prevent significant damage to your tools, equipment, bikes, feed, or whatever else you have stored in the portable garage if you notice the leak right away. If there is a large item in the storage building that you are unable to move, cover it with a tarp to protect it from water damage.

After you have moved your belongings out of the way, put a bucket under the area with the leak to catch water. This will protect the floor in your portable garage from damage.

Homeowners insurance generally covers a leaking roof on a portable garage. If you are not sure about your particular policy, call your company or agent to check.

If you are going to submit a claim to your homeowners insurance company, take pictures of the leaking roof from several angles. If you take pictures from above, have someone hold the ladder for you. Take pictures of any items you had stored in the portable garage that suffered water damage. Include as much detail as possible to help with your claim.

After you have taken photos to document the damage, call your insurance company and arrange to have an adjuster inspect the damage. The inspection and photos can help you get your claim approved so you will get the money you need to repair the damage to the roof and any of the contents of your portable garage that were damaged by water.

It is important to contact your insurance company as soon as possible to get your claim approved and get the damage repaired. The roof on your portable storage building will continue to leak every time it rains or snows, causing further damage and leading to mold. A large leak can also allow pests such as birds and rodents that can do further damage into your storage building.