What are Square Tube Shelters?

If you like the style of a peaked-roof shelter but want the strength of a rounded roof one, a square tube shelter, such as those by ShelterLogic, gives you the look with the properties. Their square tube shelters, called ShelterTube, have a box shape, without any sloped or angled edges often associated with most peak-style shelters. Whether to store a car, boat, or other items, these ShelterTube square frame shelters need to be properly anchored with concrete for you and your vehicle to get the full benefit. With sizes of 12, 18, and 24 feet wide, a square frame shelter can protect more than one vehicle at a time.

ShelterLogic claims that these shelters are made with “ultra strong” high-grade steel, which, for the outdoors, is going to be galvanized. The actual frames for the 18 and 24 feet models all have reinforced rafter braces and bolt hardware at every connection point. Additionally, the shelter has a solid steel base rail for ease of installation. Accompanying the steel shelter is a heavy-duty polyethylene canopy with full coverage including a back and front door. Because having the shelter anchored is important for it to be fully effective, concrete anchors are also included with the kit.

So, what can one of these shelters do when protecting your vehicle? High winds and heavy snow are concerns for those with vehicles and, for protection, opt for a rounded roof shelter because of such properties and strength. When anchored correctly into the ground with concrete, the ShelterTube can withstand 53 pounds of snow on top and 95 miles per hour winds. Of course, when the shelter isn’t anchored into the ground with concrete – other anchors won’t suffice for this and rounded roof shelters – it might not withstand either amount of snow or wind.