Using Portable Shelters for Ice Fishing

Portable shelters can be used for many different reasons, a lot of which we have written about in this blog. The real question is, how can portable shelters be used to their fullest extent during the winter season? We already know that these shelters are very good for storing vehicles like motorcycles that wouldn’t be used in bad weather. Portable shelters are also excellent means of protecting yourself while ice fishing in the dead of winter.

An article from the Jamestown Sun talks about how to use a semi-permanent shelter on the ice to help provide some coverage from the elements:

“Another thing you can do if you’re going to be fishing this time of year is to own, rent, or borrow a permanent shelter on the ice. These shelters are heated: You’ll be fishing in shirt-sleeves. The downside to a permanent house is that you’re anchored to a spot. Many ice anglers like to move around, especially this time of year. This is when a portable shelter becomes an asset. It used to be that portables weren’t very warm. [Now] they are as warm a portable as you’ll find, and they allow an angler to move from spot to spot quickly and easily.”

If you’re going ice fishing, you’ll also want to bring a lot of warm clothing, so that you don’t get frostbite or slow your circulation down while traveling out to your shelter.

Note from Shelters of America – Make sure to clear any snow, ice, slush or other remnants of storms from the top of your portable garages, portable shelters, canopies and other structures on your property. You may also want to purchase extra anchors for more stability in the winter storm season.