Using a Two-Car Portable Garage

They seem common enough – a two car garage attached to a home. Not all homes are equipped with such a brick-and-mortar structure, however, and often a portable garage is used in place. If you’re not sure how such a portable building works, watch the video, courtesy of Portable Garage Depot, below:

As you can see from the video, the structure used is an independent two-car, enclosed portable garage. Polyethylene walls are added to all sides of the galvanized steel frame structure and, once both cars are parked inside, a rollup door can go down for full coverage. As many families own two cars but might not own a brick-and-mortar garage, adding a portable garage to your property will give your vehicles the protection they need from the elements.

Nevertheless, different towns and cities have rules or ordinances regarding these structures, as we’ve seen several times. One common law is the amount of space a portable shelter can take up and how many a property can have. If you plan to add a shed to your property in addition to a portable garage, take note of such laws, as you may be limited to only one.

In the case you find that your property can only have one portable structure, consider one of these two-car portable garages to add as not only shelter for your vehicles but also for storage space. If you own one vehicle, a larger structure, such as the one in the video, can not only store your car but any other items you need, be it tools, a lawnmower, bicycle, or boat. The enclosed canopy gives the shelter all-around protection from rain, UV rays, mold, and dry rot, no matter what items are kept inside.