Using a Portable Garage to Store Hay

portable garage hay storageA portable garage can be useful on a farm. If you raise horses or livestock and feed them hay, you need a place to store the bales to keep them protected from weather that could cause damage. If you do not have enough space in your barn, a portable garage is a good alternative storage location.

Portable garages are made with heavy-duty steel frames to stand up to harsh weather. The polyethylene covers are treated to resist damage from rain, snow, wind, and the sun’s UV rays.

When storing hay, it is essential to keep it dry. Hay that is exposed to moisture can develop mold. If that happens, it can make your animals sick if they eat it, so you will need to throw it away. This can be expensive if many of your bales get wet and moldy.

Do not store your hay on concrete because it can accumulate moisture. This can lead to rot and mold. Set up your portable garage on dirt, grass, or gravel and put the hay on top of pallets to prevent moisture from accumulating.

Hay needs to be dried before it is fed to animals. In order for hay to finish drying out, the area where it is stored needs to be ventilated. Keep the door of your portable garage open or roll up the side panels several inches to allow air to circulate. Leave spaces of a few inches between hay bales so that air can circulate between them. You can also install a ventilator kit or a fan to promote air circulation.

Keeping hay dry and allowing air to circulate are essential to keep it in good condition. A portable garage is a good location to store hay if you cannot store it in a barn. It can keep your hay dry and in excellent condition year-round.