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Turn a Portable Garage into a She Shed

Having a portable storage area in your own backyard serves a multitude of purposes. From a place to store your classic cars to somewhere for lawn equipment to be kept. There is also the added benefit of being able to take down and move these buildings when they are no longer needed. In addition to traditional uses, people today are finding new and inventive ways to make use of portable garages.

One way to transform these shelters into useful space is to turn it into a “She Shed.”

“She Sheds,” as the name infers, are dwellings that are usually occupied by women when they are enjoying downtime or doing tasks that they enjoy. Similar to the “man cave” the idea is to have time in a space that’s all your own away from the kids and other tasks around the house to just relax.

She Sheds can vary from a crafting space to a yoga and meditation area or a place with dainty décor and comfortable seating. Whatever is most pleasing to the owner and affords them the time away in their own space and enjoying the backyard like never before possible.

Building a new permanent space for this area however is costly and requires permits and breaking ground.

A portable garage makes the perfect way to create the backyard retreat.

Not only are portable garages durable and protective, they can also be moved and taken down when the season has passed or there is no longer need for that space of the yard to be occupied.

Portable Garage Depot carries a range of instant, all weather building kits for instant storage and protection for your investments from the elements. In addition to do it yourself garage design building kits we also have storage sheds made of high quality powder coated steel with UV resistant covers that can be used for equipment, tractors, tools, sand and salt piles, hay storage, portable horse shelters, run in sheds and so much more.