Traveler Portable Home Can Sleep Eight People

Traveler portable homeThe Escape Traveler is part RV and part tiny home. It has the portability of an RV but is more aesthetically pleasing.

Both Traveler models have a kitchen with full-size appliances and a dining and living area with a couch that pulls out to a double bed. The units have an 89-square-foot loft with space for a queen-size bed. A second bed can be added, or the space can be used for storage. The portable homes have a bathroom, built-in storage compartments, hot water, plumbing, and electricity hookups. They also have off-grid features and options.

The base Traveler model is 24 feet long and has 180 square feet of living space on the main level. The XL version is 30 feet long and has 255 square feet of space on the main level. It has a bedroom with enough space for a queen-size bed on one end separate from the living room. Two couples can sleep on the main floor, and up to four people can sleep in the loft. The XL model has about 350 square feet of space, including the loft area.

Both Travelers are no more than 8.5 feet wide, so they can be towed on a highway by a pickup truck. The Traveler base model weighs 10,000 pounds, and the XL version weighs 13,000 pounds.

The Travelers cost more than most tiny homes, but the prices are in line with those of RVs. Additional features can be added for an extra cost. The Limited Edition XL has a fireplace, washer and dryer, complete furnishings, stainless steel appliances, and a big-screen TV.