Another Town Puts Restrictions on Carport Installation

With winter coming in one month, it is soon going to be the season of carports and canopies. Many people use carports to protect vehicles they cannot fit in their garages. The same goes for equipment like lawnmowers, tractors and the like. When it comes to motorcycles, canopies are a great solution to this problem because they come in a variety of sizes and shapes. With so many uses, why do so many towns have a problem with carports?

If you read this blog, you’ve seen a number of posts discussing town restrictions on carports and canopies. In this instance, Thatcher, AZ, is having difficulty with the number of carports and defining exactly what constitutes a carport. According to the Eastern Arizona Courier:

“…town employees have begun to see an increasingly large number of requests, and the style, size, makeup and placement of the structures are as varied as the people submitting them.  Unfortunately, the current legislation is vague in its definition of portable structures, so the council opted to add this issue to the list for next week’s work session.”

In a state like Arizona, using a portable garage or carport is inspired by the ever-changing weather of the region. The article says that citizens put up the structures because of “blistering summer heat or the sporadically precipitous winter chill.” This is true in areas of the country dealing with the upcoming cold season – you can’t be leaving your vehicles unprotected from sleet, freezing rain and other nasty types of weather.

The Thatcher Town Council is much like the others we have discussed in this blog. It left the issue unresolved until next week, keeping residents in the dark in reference to protecting their vehicles and other equipment. Make sure you find out what your town’s guidelines are when it comes to constructing a carport or portable garage.