Tornado Causes Havoc on Carport

If you have watched the weather lately you have probably noticed an influx of tornadoes across the United States. Mother Nature didn’t spare the homeowners in Texas when she was wreaking havoc, particularly for one Andice, Texas man. Multiple funnel clouds ripped through the towns surrounding his home and hail as big as five inches in diameter rained down. The weather damaged many homes but Chad Bickle’s home was one that received the brunt of the damage, reported Austin News.

“In Andice, the storm damaged at least a half dozen homes. Chad Bickle’s home was among the hardest hit. The storm damaged his pool, roof and shredded his carport, throwing pieces hundreds of yards. He stood in awe of the damage.

‘How’d the whole thing get torn down,’ he wondered about the carport. ‘And howd [sic] that hatchet get stuck in the wall?’”Carport Damage

Now that the storm has passed he is thankful that his family and animals are safe, but it was frightening at the time. When Bickle saw the storm coming he knew that he and his family had to evacuate their home, but some of their neighbors disagreed:

“‘We could see the funnel cloud forming,’ he said. ‘That’s when I got the wife and the kids and said y’all need to go.’

His neighbor heard a storm was coming too, but Jeff Weed decided to ride it out.

‘The whole trailer shifted, and then set down and I heard crashing inside the house,’ Weed said. ‘I’ve been through a lot of stuff and that was number one on the list.'”

If you live in an area where tornadoes are likely to occur you may want to ensure that your home and all other structures surrounding it are built with the durable materials and excellent craftsmanship. It is also important to remain safe when dangerous weather does occur and to heed all warnings from the proper officials.