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Tips to Spruce Up Your Carport

Carports are a cost-effective way of adding additional storage space in your yard without the commitment or large price tag of a permanent structure. Most homeowners opt for a carport to store a boat or motorcycle over the winter months.

While the versatility of the dwellings certainly makes taking them down and putting them away in the summer possible, why get rid of something you can still get used out of? In a addition to protecting vehicles from snow and ice, they can protect from harmful UV rays and provide relaxing shade for outdoor events.

If you’re having a hard time thinking about your carport as anything but an extra storage shed, here are some tips on sprucing up your carport so it’s far from an eyesore and something you actually want to go sit under.

Keep it Clean

Keeping your carport clean should be a given. Even when storing your valuables, the only way to keep critters away is to keep the carport clean and clutter free. Make it a point to hose down the exterior and sweep and rake up loose debris and dirt on the inside to keep it looking neat. Carefully trim grass around the exterior if it’s overgrown.

Incorporate Landscaping

In addition to trimming grasses and raking, you can also add to the appeal of your carport by incorporating landscape design ideas to spruce it up. Add some mulch and flower beds around the perimeter to draw interest to the space and use inviting colors and layouts to draw visitors over.

Decorate It

Perhaps of the best reasons to get a carport is because it doubles as the perfect extra area for entertaining. And the best part, you don’t have to worry about the weather affecting plans. Host parties under the tent or have friends over for a drink. You can even add patio furniture and an outdoor rug or tables and chairs to get the most use out of your carport.

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