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Tips to Make Your Portable Garage Last

Those who invest in a portable garage are usually doing so to add storage capabilities on their property. Whether there are limited funds or the inability to break ground and build a new permanent structure, or if they only require something to store temporary valuables, these dwellings are the perfect choice.

Affordable, versatile and dependable are just some of the ways to describe a portable garage. Think about all of the boxes piled in the attached garage that you could move and make room for your car or other space if you had somewhere else to store it.

Enjoy taking a ride in the summer months on a boat or motorcycle but have nowhere to put it in the cold months? Why pay for a storage rental when you can erect a portable garage, use it for those few months and then take it down when the season is over and get back your property for other uses?

That’s the beauty of a portable garage. They are also built to last. Constructed of powder coated or galvanized steel tubing and a cover made of layered Polyethylene with rip stop material – these dwellings can last a long while with proper care.

To protect the longevity of a portable garage it’s important to take special care when harsh weather threatens. Make sure the shelter is tied down well, or if there will be too much snow or extreme conditions, consider even taking it down if it’s not in use to help protect it. Stronger fabric choices also help withstand wind and weight.

Storing the portable garage when not in use also requires a careful cleaning and a dry storage place. Keeping tabs on the condition and checking for tears or leaks is key. Buy replacements and patch up small holes to help keep the portable garage in working condition for years to come.

Portable Garage Depot sells a large array of instant, all weather portable garages and portable carport building kits to protect your investments. In addition to DIY garage design building kits portable garages as storage sheds for equipment, tractors, tools, sand and salt piles, hay storage, portable horse shelters, and more, our designs have multiple uses.

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