Tips to Keep Your Carport Cool this Summer

There’s little we can do about summer sun when it’s out in full force on a hot summer day. The damaging rays can be dangerous for humans as well as objects. From discoloration to breakdown, there are risks to your valuables if left exposed to the strong summer rays.

Providing shade and storage are the perfect refuge from these issues. A carport is the right choice. Just short of A/C, you’ll need to still be sure to keep the storage area cool on exceptionally hot days.

Here are some tips on keeping your carport cool this summer.

Choose Quality Covers

Shopping for just any portable storage shelter isn’t a wise choice. Quality is important especially when the carport will be housing your valuables. You don’t want to risk a dwelling that can collapse or one that rips and tears and is not efficient at blocking the sun’s rays.

Look for a carport made of durable galvanized or powder-coated heavy-duty structural steel and a polyethylene cover, which blocks out damage to the surface of a vehicle from the elements.

Consider a Metal Carport

While material-covered storage areas are certainly a terrific option, if heat is really a top concern for what you’ll be storing, you may want to consider a metal carport. These withstand the elements best, block out damaging UV rays and can be kept cool simply by panting it a light color to detract heat.

Cool the Space Down

When all else fails and the temps are at all-time highs, do what you would do for yourself to cool down – get it wet. Sometimes a simple spray down with a hose can cool off really hot metal or areas that are under extreme stress. In situations when you’re looking to get the temperature down quickly using a hose or sprinkler is a quick solution to get the results you require.

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