Tips to Help You Set up Your Carport

carport tipsA carport can protect your car, truck, motorcycle, or other vehicle from rain, snow, wind, and the sun’s UV rays year-round. It is the best choice if you don’t have space to store your vehicle in a traditional garage. Here are some steps you should take before setting up your carport to help it stand up to weather and provide the best protection for your vehicle for years to come.

Select a carport that is the right size for your needs. Think about how many vehicles you need to store, their sizes, anything else you will shelter in the storage building, and whether you plan to use your carport to work on your vehicle. If you plan to use your portable garage to store more than one vehicle, be sure to allow enough room to open the doors without hitting another vehicle.

Choose a quality carport. It should have a metal frame with a sturdy cover that can resist damage caused by harsh weather and the sun’s UV rays. If your area gets a lot of snow in the winter, be sure to choose a carport that will allow snow to roll off or that you can clear with a broom.

Select the best location for your carport. You need a level area that is free of rocks, bushes, trees, and anything else that could get in the way. Make sure there is enough space to drive easily in and out of your carport. It should be close enough to your house that it is easily accessible, but not so close that flames could spread from your house to the carport or vice versa if there were a fire. If your area gets a lot of thunderstorms and lightning, don’t set up your carport near a tree.

You will need to anchor your carport to keep it secure. If your carport does not come with anchors, you will need to buy them separately. Get the right anchors for the type of surface where you are setting up your carport (i.e., grass, asphalt, etc.).

Check state and local zoning regulations in your area. You may be limited in terms of where you can set up your carport and may need to obtain a permit first.

Ask someone to help you set up your carport. While constructing a portable garage is not difficult, it will be much easier with an extra set of hands.