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Tips for Taking Your Classic Car Out of Storage

If you’re the proud owner of a classic car, chances are you enjoy the long summer rides, breeze blowing through as your shiny paint glistens in the sunlight. Living in parts of the nation plagued by harsh winters and snow make this season especially enjoyable since you’ll be taking the antique car out of storage to use again.

Picking the perfect way to store your car is an important first step. You need to keep it safe from the elements while also leaving room in your budget to enjoy your winter hobbies.

If you opted for a carport or portable garage for your classic car storage this year, congrats on a sound decision.

Removing your car carefully is just as important as storing it properly. Here are some tips on how to ensure you keep your car in pristine condition while taking it out from winter storage and getting it ready for the summer season.

Do an Initial Inspection

Before removing your car from the carport be sure to do a walk around of the shelter to check for any damage that may indicate an issue with the interior contents. If there was any large debris that ripped the cover or bent the frame, you may be running into a bigger issue.

Once inside do a walk around of the car to be sure everything is as you left it. Open the hood to check fluids and open the doors to be sure no critters entered or made a home over the cold months before you get inside to drive it out or start it up.

Get a Wash and Detail

Even if your car was protected by a carport or portable garage all winter, it can still use a fresh cleaning and detailing. Chances are dirt kicked up anyways and bugs contacted the surface. If you want to get off any possible damaging abrasive dust and have your car shiny for first ride, it’s best to wash, wax and detail it and don’t forget to shine the tires too!

Enjoy the First Ride

After you hear the first purr of the engine and you see the sun glistening in your car’s paint job it’s time to do exactly what you’ve been longing for over the exaggerated winter season we just had. Enjoy that first ride. Make it a long one with the perfect tunes and perhaps the perfect passenger.

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