Portable garage covered in snow

Tips for Keeping Your Portable Garage Sturdy this Winter

Depending on where you live in the nation you may currently be dealing with some intense winter weather. If the cold season is just beginning for you, then you likely have winter precautions on the mind.

Along with cold temps and fierce winds, snow storm brings in the potential for ice, flying debris and heavy layers of precipitation – all of which can do serious damage to property.

If you own a portable garage to help you keep the valuables in your yard protected it’s important to pay attention to heavy loads and use proper skills when setting up the portable garage to ensure it can withstand winter weather.

Check out these tips for keeping your portable garage sturdy this winter.

Choose the Appropriate Style

If you live in an area that’s hit pretty severely by winter weather, it makes sense to purchase a portable garage that’s designed specifically with withstand snow rain and heavy loads.  A round or barn-style portable garage for example, is a good choice because it allows for snow to slide more easily off the roof.

Consider Materials

The fabric and materials used are also important. Don’t skimp and purchase the lowest price portable garage if you know it’s going to be doing some work in the winter. Choose a portable garage made to handle the elements so that it won’t collapse under the weight of a heavy snow storm.

Install with Winter in Mind

You might be setting your portable garage up in the summer months and not thinking about snow, but if you don’t plan to take it down and move it later on in the season, then you’ll want to think about it as you’re planning the location and method of installation. Don’t wait until the ground is frozen to try an anchor it into the ground and be sure you have the appropriate permits if required by your town.

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