Tiny Greenhouses

The last few months in this blog, I have written about a number of various types of greenhouses offered at Shelters of America, an online leader in portable shelters, portable garages and (of course) portable greenhouses. Portable greenhouses are a wonderful way to grow your own plants and vegetables on any piece of land on your property. Instead of having to spend all of your time constructing a full-out greenhouse (which can be quite costly and time consuming) portable greenhouses allow you the opportunity to set up a space for gardening in much less time. While these types of greenhouses are very portable and easy to set up, there are greenhouses that article-1331950-0C2EF8BD000005DC-555 468x286are even smaller.

The Mail Online has an entire article dedicated to a new art form – tiny bottled gardening. Using a whiskey bottle, some people have figured out how to grow ferns and other such plants:

“Growing a fern in a whisky bottle may seem pointless, but a contained indoor garden or terrarium can be fascinating to develop and look beautiful, too. The idea began with 19th-century medic and amateur botanist Nathaniel ward, who designed a tiny, portable greenhouse. These so-called wardian cases, which used to transport vulnerable plants, have long been popular for growing delicate creatures at home.”

The article describes how to make your own personal tiny greenhouse bottled gardens, which I think is a really cool idea for d├ęcor around your home, particularly in the winter when it’s difficult to grow a lot of plant life outdoors. It turns out that these bottled greenhouse terrariums are actually easy to care for. All you have to do is not feed them because they are not a long term way to garden.

“Bottle gardens are not longterm, so there’s no need to feed the occupants. If you plant up a midsized goldfish bowl today, growth will be sedate during winter and the arrangement should stay looking pretty until about April.”