portable shelter

This Portable Shelter goes wherever you Go!

Portable Shelter

Australian design company Sibling has developed a “Walking Shelter” that allows you to bring a tent with you wherever you go. The whole tent is stored inside netted compartments in the backs of your shoes!

The portable shelter expands out and around the body to form an enclosure around whoever has the shoes on. It relies on the human frame as the supporting structure and can be customized by the user to adapt to a variety of contexts and environments. The shelter is perfect for hikers, campers, or preppers who want a unique shelter that is easily portable.

The project was developed as a conceptual prototype as part of an auction where all proceeds are going to benefit the Little Seeds Big Trees charity. If you are looking for a very portable shelter option that will make sure you never find yourself in a situation without protection, the Walking Shelter is the perfect product for you!

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