The Future of Parking Garages

automated parking garage

With the world population rising rapidly, there are also more cars on the road. With more cars means there needs to be more parking. Standard parking garages have space consuming ramps and access lanes that never get parked on. New state of the art automated parking garages can provide a more space-efficient and cost-efficient parking option.

The robotic technologies used in the new parking garages allow for more cars to be parked in a small amount of space. When you don’t have to worry about people parking their cars themselves, you don’t need high ceilings for people to walk under and you have space-efficient compact boxes for the cars. You can also eliminate the ramps that people drive up to find a spot and add more parking spaces.parking garage

The automated parking garages can hold at least twice the amount of vehicles that a standard parking garage can, offering double the income to the garage owner. There are also no attendants required, so it cost far less to run the garage. There are also many benefits for the car owners too. There are no accidents, dents, scratches, or break-ins. Only the computer can move the cars and no one else has access to your vehicle, giving you peace of mind. It also takes less than three minutes to get your car back, with the computer retrieving it for you instead of you having to search all over for where you parked.

The AutoMotion fully automated parking garage system was opened just last month in New York City. The garage offers patrons with attendant-free, fully automatic parking of vehicles, with no risk for damage or stolen property. No one ever enters you vehicle and it is retrieved by a simple swipe of a card. There is no tipping, no idling of the engine waiting in a busy parking garage, and no chance of accidents. The future of parking garages is the automated systems being used around the world already.