Modular School Buildings Texas

Texas School System Purchases Modular Buildings

Modular School Buildings TexasAs the summer makes it way into most areas, people opening up their portable garages and canopies and breaking out jet skis, boats and other summer fun stored away. However, portable buildings also have another place when the summer rolls around, at least in the Texas school system, which has recently purchased a number of these modular structures for the next school year. According to Digital Journal, the buildings, made by Ramtech Building Systems, will bring the square footage of the construction to over 55,000 square feet:

“The new modular buildings, which include two offices along with the individual classrooms, will be built utilizing Ramtech’s traditional modular construction approach. The buildings will each incorporate nine wall-mounted HVAC units zoned for energy efficient heating and cooling, a factory installed 26-gauge R-panel metal siding for the exterior, and VCG walls and carpet flooring on the interior.”

These specific modular buildings are based on a number of designs that have been used in educational institutions across the country. Portable classrooms and other portable buildings have become a standard in the United States as the population has swelled in areas where quick construction of permanent classrooms just simply isn’t possible. This is true in other areas of the world as well that don’t have the funds or ability to put up school buildings.

This topic, which I have covered at length in this blog, shows how crucial the development of portable buildings and other temporary structures can be in many situations. Whether it is a portable shelter in a destroyed area or simply an area of Texas that needs more space for students, portable buildings are a necessity that can benefit many different people.

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