Tent City Shows Importance of Portable Housing

In this blog, we have talked at length about the need for portable shelters and other temporary buildings in areas where disaster relief is needed. Not only do those displaced people need a place to live while rebuilding, but the workers in the areas need housing as well. In these instances, portable buildings are probably the best option for everyone involved. Sometimes, portable buildings and shelters are more permanent than we may normally think, and can be essential to a person’s livelihood.

For instance, an article in The Paducah Sun has a story about Tent City, an area in Kentucky where homeless people live in tents. Once an organization gained ownership of the property, the president decided to make some changes:

“[Stephanie] Daniel, president of Beyond the Gate Ministries, has been volunteering her time and money to work with the homeless men living in tents at the end of Tennessee Street since last fall. But after the disputed property was donated to her organization, she has been able to make improvements to the property and get care for the men and women living there.”

The article says that the camp now has a number of amenities – portable toilets, economy coolers for food and some permanent buildings. These buildings are capable of protecting from the elements – with double insulation and room for 8 people. There are big plans for Tent City, where many homeless live with the bare essentials in temporary structures:

“When GJG Properties donated the property to Beyond the Gate Ministries in May, the company also donated a corner lot with a building and a house on it. While the house is still being rented out to a family, the building has five bedrooms and a large downstairs living space. Daniel hopes that renovations can begin on it soon and that the building will be habitable by the winter. “

Although disaster relief issues are taking precedence in the world of portable structures, it is still important to see other uses for portable buildings and garages. They are extremely adaptable and useful in many areas of life.