Ted Turner Installing Carports

It can be quite hard to write about carports and other portable structures like canopies without stumbling onto an eco-friendly project involving these temporary structures. Since carports are used primarily to shield vehicles from rays of the sun and other weather, many have decided to turn that UV ray heat into energy by using solar panels. One such person is Ted Turner, the owner of Turner Broadasting, who is putting himself in the business of solar energy generation.

Business Insider says that Turner is outfitting a 2 acre parking lot with a number of solar canopies, which will help generate a massive amount of energy:

“When completed, the total solar capacity of the project will be nearly 200 kilowatt hours. Georgia Power Co. has said that this project is the largest solar project that’s been installed in downtown Atlanta. Turner’s headquarters house Turner Enterprises, the Turner Foundation, Ted Turner’s penthouse (which serves as his Atlanta residence) and Ted’s Montana Grill restaurant as well as the restaurant chain’s headquarters.”

As the amount of electric car owners begins to increase throughout the world, Turner says that he sees this project aiding in the recharging of electric cars as well as powering the building and the restaurant. The story says that the total project cost will hit $1 million, which may seem expensive for such a demonstration project. However, this kind of project can show the many uses for carports.

Not only would these solar carports generate electricity, but they would serve as a way to keep cars cool in the sweltering southern sun. At the same time, any adverse weather would be taken out of the equation for those walking to their vehicles. By adding electricity production to these carports, the overall use of them has been added to exponentially.