The Stingray Suspended Tent Canopy

Stingray Tent

A United Kingdom-based tent manufacturer, called Tentsile, recently unveiled their newest product, the Stingray. The company says that the Stingray is the perfect combination of hammock and tent. The tent’s design allows you to sleep inside, suspended in the air.

When you go camping, a tent’s canopy will protect you from rain and other elements. However, on the ground you are more susceptible to frost, bugs, animals, and rocks. The Stingray allows you to sleep off the ground, suspended in the air. It works like a canopy that protects you and your belongings, but you can Suspended Tentstay inside of it and not have to be on the ground.

Tentsile’s newest tent uses three tree straps, two poles, and a polyester tarp to keep its tenants safe above the ground. The Stingray can be assembled or disassembled in just five minutes! It weighs only 13 pounds, and when set up, it is large enough to sleep up to four people. The suspended tent is accessible from the ground through a collapsible ladder. You can enter the tent through either a floor hatch or side door.

The Stingray has optional accessories available too. For an added price, you can get a shoe drying rack, luggage nets, or even iPad pouches. The company is marketing the Stingray to the avid camper, United Nations, and military. The tent’s lightweight design and relatively low price make it enticing for use in natural disaster situations. If there are areas that have been flooded or where the ground is unsuitable, the Stingray would be a great temporary shelter for those affected.

Right now, Tentsile has turned to Kickstarter for help with bringing their new product to the market. The minimum pledge is around $1,400 and you will be guaranteed one when the initial units are released around March.