Temporary Chameleon Cabin Changes Color

chameleon cabin 1The Chameleon Cabin is a tiny, temporary house in Sweden constructed out of corrugated paper. The structure’s material resembles black marble on one side and white marble on the other. When viewed from one angle, it appears completely black, but when viewed from a slightly different angle, it appears completely white.

The Chameleon Cabin’s walls and gabled roof were constructed with 95 paper modules that were fitted together using a simple system of tabs and slots. The interior of the cabin is painted bright yellow, in sharp contrast to the temporary building’s black and white exterior. The three-meter house was designed according to the style of a Swedish friggebod, a small cottage-like structure that is popular in the country because it does not require planning approval.

The Chameleon Cabin was designed by Mattias Lind of Swedish design firm White Arkitekter in collaboration with branding agency Happy F + B. The project is part of a promotional campaign for Goteborgstryckeriet, a local printing company. The Chameleon Cabin is the company’s chameleon cabin 2 way of conveying to the public the message that they can create any type of packaging a customer could possibly want.

Goteborgstryckeriet was created in 1918 and provides specialized printed materials, from brochures to complex products created using CAD technology. The company provides itself on its innovative solutions for marketing campaigns. The temporary structure is being transported to several events, including trade shows, to highlight the company and the types of products it is capable of creating.