Using Portable Storage Buildings on Farms

Many think of farms as large spaces of land for crops and animals with metal and wood buildings like barns and silos dotting the landscape. While this is true up to a point, one common fixture on many farms is portable storage buildings for storing equipment and animals. Although wood or metal buildings may seem sturdier and appear to offer more protection, portable storage buildings with galvanized steel frames and polyethylene canopies have proven to nearly be just as effective. While a farm won’t become entirely composed of portable storage shelters, many are added to the various permanent buildings. This includes small and large portable sheds to store equipment and other objects and shelters for animals.

For the former, buildings as large as industrial shelters can store various pieces of farm equipment, as well as tools, seeds, and animal feed. If an object or supply needs protection, it can generally be stored in one of these shelters. Manufacturers like Shelterlogic carry barn-shaped portable sheds, which are essentially a variation of peak-style storage buildings with all-around coverage. But even rounded roof shelters provide sufficient coverage and, for more protection, some of these buildings are built with metal doors instead of polyethylene roll-up doors.

Aside from equipment, animals can be protected by these shelters, as well. While one of these structures won’t become a permanent stable, they’re often used as a run-in shed. A run-in shed is used for horses but other livestock like sheep and cows can use a similar shelter. One of these larger rounded roof shelters is ideal as a run-in shed, which, when placed outdoors in a pasture area, allows livestock to run through it and use it as shelter during the day. At night, they can be placed in a proper shed or stable.

Options for Portable Animal Shelters

Portable storage shelters come in a number of sizes, but did you know they can be small enough to hold animals or large enough to be a horse stable? In both cases, these animal shelters are available whether you’re looking for cages as a dog breeder or need a large stable for horses to use during the day. All of these shelters have the same structure as an ordinary, standard size portable shelter, including galvanized or powder-coated steel frames and a polyethylene canopy roof. If you own a farm, these shelters can be useful for holding your livestock and horses as they run around or stay under shelter at various times during the day.

Rounded roof portable shelters generally give coverage all around without needing additional sides, and, for livestock shelters, this is the preferred design, without front and back panels. Like all portable shelters, these can be sized according to your needs and can be used for horses and livestock like cattle. For horses, this type of structure is often referred to as a run-in shed, as horses can run in and out of the shed during the day and, at night, they can be kept under the shelter.

Aside from larger animals needing shelter, another possibility for these portable shelters is use as dog kennels. Although dog kennels can be bought individually, one of these portable dog kennels can have all of the dogs together in one place. Much like a portable garage on a smaller scale, one of these portable dog kennels has a powder-coated steel frame and a polyethylene canopy for a roof. Dividers can be added to split up the space for multiple dogs. To accommodate various sized dogs, these structures come in various heights and sizes. In addition, doors are added so that you, the owner, can put food and water in the kennels and take the dogs out to go for walks.