Portable Storage Buildings for Different Climates

Portable garage makers like Shelterlogic make portable storage buildings in a variety of shapes. Is there any reason behind this or is it only for aesthetics? After all, some buildings come barn-shaped while others are rounded. But some shelters are better for certain climates or weather conditions than others. While rounded roof and peaked shelters essentially protect the same way, rounded roof shelters are designed to let snow, rain, and any other precipitation simply roll off. But, if you’re in an area that doesn’t experience large amounts of precipitation, the South or West Coast parts of the United States for example, a peaked roof style is a better option.

Although, if you’re deciding to protect an RV with one of these portable shelters for example, the two canopies have the same format and dimensions, as well as zipper or roll-up doors, a peaked shelter costs somewhat less. In comparing prices on Portable Garage Depot, a 14 by 20 by 14 foot peaked shelter is roughly $2000, while the rounded roof counterpart with the same dimensions runs about $2650. What’s the difference? Typically, a rounded roof shelter has a more elaborate frame to put together, as each vertical piece is rounded and is attached together by straight horizontal bars. The canopy, then, fits over this rounded frame.

Prices aside, though, rounded roof shelters are considered stronger for more extreme weather conditions. If you live in an area that experiences large amounts of snow, you don’t want a canopy to buckle and break – or even tear – from snow and ice gathering on its surface. Instead, the ideal shelter will prevent snow from forming on the surface, and, as a rounded roof shape allows the snow or rain to roll off, the shelter is better designed for areas experiencing heavy snowfalls and large amounts of rain. If your area only experiences average or minimal amounts of snow, choosing a strong but not the strongest shelter will meet your needs for protection.

Large-Size Rounded Roof Shelters

The previous post was about peaked roof shelters on a larger scale, also referred to as industrial size shelters, and rounded roof shelters can be found on this scale, as well. At this height, rounded roof shelters are used for all of the same purposes as the peaked shelters from before, but merely the shape is different. If you’re looking for an alternative to constructing a new barn, one of these industrial sized shelters can be constructed instead. As with all types of portable storage buildings, these can be expanded over time if you need to add any additional vehicles, equipment, or other investments and don’t have enough storage space.

The typical rounded roof portable garage most are familiar with is the smaller sized shelter, which is usually the longer shelters used for RVs and other seasonal vehicle storage. These shelters are longer than they are wide. Barn-style rounded roof shelters, on the other hand, have the opposite type of dimensions, with the width being longer or equal to the length. In terms of storing vehicles, however, the vehicles, be it RVs or farm equipment, should be able to fit inside one of these shelters. Doors, in the case of these shelters, are at least twelve feet high. Larger vehicles needing to fit into the canopy will need larger doors.

With the last industrial sized shelter mentioned on this blog, the doors were insulated aluminum roll-up doors. This, however, is somewhat of an anomaly in terms of portable shelter construction, and usually the standard roll up or zipper doors are made from the same polyethylene material as the rest of the shelter. All of these rounded roof shelters have attached roll up or zipper doors made from the same heavy-duty polyethylene treated to be UV resistant and waterproof.

Rounded Roof Portable Garages

Portable garages come in several shapes, some of which may accommodate your needs better than others. One common type of portable storage building is a rounded roof shelter, which has a tall, curved frame and is usually used for longer vehicles like RVs. Smaller versions are available but, generally, portable garages with rounded roofs are used for longer vehicles. The frame for this shelter, which can be seen in the Shelters of America YouTube video below, is essentially composed of curved pieces of galvanized steel – all of the same size – connected together by straight pieces of steel.

Rounded roof portable garages have the same composition as other types of portable shelters, with a galvanized steel frame and a polyethylene canopy. Rounded roof portable buildings are better suited to certain climates, however. In general, a portable garage frame and canopy should withstand faster winds and large amounts of snow or rain, but rounded roof portable garages are better suited for people needing storage in areas experiencing large rain and snow falls. The rounded design allows snow or rain to simply roll off the roof and not accumulate on top.

In terms of assembly, as you can see by the video above, the polyethylene canopy stretches from one side to the other, once the frame as been assembled. As a shelter, this fully-enclosed design, as soon as you add back and front polyethylene zipper doors, is ideal for protecting vehicles or other investments that will be in storage for several months. This includes RVs, boats, motorcycles, and farm equipment. For all-around coverage, the polyethylene canopy keeps out UV rays and is waterproof and, being somewhat breathable, allows air to circulate and prevent mildew and dry rot from forming on the vehicle.