Protecting your Vehicle from Harsh Winter Weather

portable garageHarsh winter weather can be detrimental to your vehicle. Snow, sleet, and ice can cause damage outside and inside your vehicle if it is not properly protected. Portable garages provide a solid solution when your vehicle is typically parked outside and uncovered during the winter.

Portable garages are affordable, reliable, and, most importantly, effective. When vehicles are left outside without any protection in the winter, they are left susceptible to damage. Heavy snow can cause serious damage to the exterior of a vehicle. If there is a massive amount of snow, when it melts the water can seep into your vehicle or freeze into ice. Water will surely damage the inside of your vehicle, and if it should turn to ice, there could be mechanical problems.

Portable garages are made from quality materials that will keep all of the winter elements from harming your vehicle. Portable garages are made from either powder-coated or galvanized steel frames that are built to last through harsh weather conditions. The garage covers are made from a durable layered polyethylene material that is treated to be waterproof and UV resistant. Portable garages also have zippered doors on both sides, allowing for easy in and out access and full protection on all four sides.

There is nothing worse on a cold winter morning than having to walk outside and clean snow off your vehicle. When you park your car or truck inside a portable garage, your vehicle will never have to be cleared off. If you normally keep your vehicle outside during the winter, you would benefit from investing in a portable garage. Whether you drive the car every day or need a place to keep your summer ride, a portable garage will provide you the best protection at an affordable price.

Winter is Coming! Protect your Vehicle with a Portable Garage!

car under snow

Have a vehicle that you want to store for the winter but don’t have a garage and don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars a month on storage fees? A portable garage offers you an affordable and reliable way to store any vehicle year-round. You can rest assured that your investment will be protected this winter when you purchase a portable garage.

Portable garages come in many shapes and sizes. They are perfect for storing your summer car, boat, or motorcycle. Instead of storing your vehicle off-site for hundreds of dollars a month, you can just set-up a protable garage winterportable garage anywhere on your property for less. Easily set-up and taken down, portable garages are the perfect year-round storage solution.

Constructed from heavy-duty steel frames and polyethylene covers, portable garages are tough enough to stand up to the harshest weather conditions. The polyethylene covers are chemically bonded to be rip resistant and are waterproof. They are UV-treated to block the sun’s harmful UV rays away from your investments. During the winter, heavy winds, sleet, and snow can wreak havoc on your vehicles. By storing your car, boat, or motorcycle in a portable garage you can avoid any damage from inclimate weather.

Don’t let your expensive investments fall damage to bad weather this winter. Purchasing a portable garage is an affordable and reliable alternative to other storage options. You can be confident that whatever your store in the portable garage will be safe from the harsh winter weather!

The Future of Parking Garages

automated parking garage

With the world population rising rapidly, there are also more cars on the road. With more cars means there needs to be more parking. Standard parking garages have space consuming ramps and access lanes that never get parked on. New state of the art automated parking garages can provide a more space-efficient and cost-efficient parking option.

The robotic technologies used in the new parking garages allow for more cars to be parked in a small amount of space. When you don’t have to worry about people parking their cars themselves, you don’t need high ceilings for people to walk under and you have space-efficient compact boxes for the cars. You can also eliminate the ramps that people drive up to find a spot and add more parking spaces.parking garage

The automated parking garages can hold at least twice the amount of vehicles that a standard parking garage can, offering double the income to the garage owner. There are also no attendants required, so it cost far less to run the garage. There are also many benefits for the car owners too. There are no accidents, dents, scratches, or break-ins. Only the computer can move the cars and no one else has access to your vehicle, giving you peace of mind. It also takes less than three minutes to get your car back, with the computer retrieving it for you instead of you having to search all over for where you parked.

The AutoMotion fully automated parking garage system was opened just last month in New York City. The garage offers patrons with attendant-free, fully automatic parking of vehicles, with no risk for damage or stolen property. No one ever enters you vehicle and it is retrieved by a simple swipe of a card. There is no tipping, no idling of the engine waiting in a busy parking garage, and no chance of accidents. The future of parking garages is the automated systems being used around the world already.

Portable Locker Rooms give Runners a Place for Storage

Blue Trailer

If you are a competitive runner, this scenario is all too familiar with you. You try to hide your jacket behind a bush or other secret hiding spot until you finish the race. When you return to the spot you thought no one would look, your jacket is gone. One fellow runner has started a business to give people a place to store their items safely while they enjoy their race.

Molly MacDonald had lost countless sweatshirts, jackets, and t-shirts before coming out with her brilliant idea. She launched her company, Blue Trailer, to give competitors a safe and dry place to keep their belongings during races and other events. Blue Trailer uses portable locker rooms that athletes can use to store any of their personal belongings without fear of losing them while they Runnerscompete.

The simple, yet practical idea is not in full motion yet. MacDonald is still fundraising money to compile the necessary materials for the company’s first portable locker room. MacDonald said that the only option racers have currently is a bag check, if it is offered, or to find a great hiding spot. If you do use the bag check, you have to have a bag, and you don’t have easy access to your stuff.

Many racers like to take pictures for their Instagram or write their Facebook status right before they take off. With Blue Trailer, runners can do all that and quickly store their phones safely in a locker right before the race starts. The portable storage units will come in three sizes, based on how much stuff you have. The first trailer they designed will have 500 lockers available for people to use. The company also wants to eventually have “good luck” bags in the lockers, coupons, and even random Blue Trailer t-shirts in some lockers. The company will also be pledging a portion of their sales to charity. Blue Trailer will have its first portable locker room at the Black Cat race in Salem during March 2014.

Portable Cabins Help Solve Overcrowding Issue


Residents of Rotorua, New Zealand are struggling with overcrowded homes. Many of the residents are considering renting portable cabins to help relieve some of the overcrowding issue.

The portable shelters are about the same size as a small bedroom and can be rented for about $60 a week. They come with a fire alarm, carpet, ability to hook up to a power source, and are delivered to a person’s property. The portable shelter suppliers are also renting them out as offices for homes andPortable Shelter as extra rooms to rent out to students, in addition to creating extra space for overcrowded homes.

The cheapest cabins are available for $55, but for some that is still too expensive. Most people who inquire about renting the cabins are low-income earners in their twenties. The government is concerned with the implications that come with renting the portable shelters. The government believes that for $60 a week people could easily upgrade to a larger property. There is also a program with Housing New Zealand that can help make accommodations.

Some issues of concern are security and bathroom access. Local portable cabin suppliers will not reveal how many units were rented in Rotorua due to market competition issues, but they did say that they were popular. John Weston of Just Cabins Rotorua said that nearly every one of his cabins were rented out.

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Emergency Portable Shelters for Disaster Zones


When natural disasters like earthquakes, storms, and floods hit a region, there are many problems that rescue workers face. One of the biggest problems is providing a safe place to treat wounded citizens and provide shelter for those who have lost their homes. A new portable shelter may be able to alleviate some of the difficulty in bringing in short term shelters.

Argentinian architecture studio Proyecto 2M has developed a portable shelter called the Modularflex. The Modularflex can be packed flat for easy storage and delivery and can be built in Portable Shelterjust half an hour. The innovative design allows for the shelter to be assembled by two man teams or popped up by using a crane for even faster building time. The Modularflex also has a huge hinge that allows them to be collapsed like accordians.

The Proyecto 2M company states that their easy to assemble portable shelters are lightweight, flexible, and sturdy. When packed flat, six Modularflex shelters can be placed on the back of a truck for easy and efficient transportation to where they are needed. The walls of the Modularflex are made from insulated thermal panels similar to a supermarket cold storage room. They can withstand temperatures ranging from -20 degrees Celsius to 49 degrees Celsius.

The modular design of the shelter makes it possible to put multiple units together to create larger dwellings. Every Modularflex comes with electrical wiring and LED lighting. Different designs are available, such as camouflage for the military or marked with a red cross for humanitarian efforts.

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Portable Shelter Provides Relief during a Disaster

Portable Shelter

There has been a huge surge in the market for disaster relief products after the world has experienced so many natural disasters in the recent years. One Canadian design firm has created a cheap and affordable portable shelter product that can help create personal space for those affected by a natural disaster.

The design firm Molo has created the “softshelter” to provide disaster victims with their own personal space when living in temporary relief centers. To demonstrate the practicality of the system and refine it, one Molo team SoftSheltermember has camped out in a softshelter module for several weeks.

The portable shelter is made from 100 percent recycled materials and is designed for re-use over a long period of time. The flexible walls pack flat, allowing for easy, fast, and cost effective shipping. The design also allows for quick setup to create walls and rooms anywhere. The softwall quickly and easily expands to create four walls, and the end panels are connected magnetically to each other.

One of the main focuses of Molo for this product was to make the space seem personal and provide comfort in a time of disaster. Molo added a few features to the softshelter, like:

• A magnetic clipping system for pictures
• Flower vase
• Tyvek hanger
• LED light

Small touches like those give the softshelter that personal touch that can help ease a disaster victim’s mind. By giving the victims their own spaces, they will not have to sleep on a cot next to a bunch of other people. Inexpensive and easy to set-up, the softshelter is a great tool for victims of a natural disaster.

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Tarps for Kids Program Helping Local Schools

Finger Painting

A tarp distributor out of Palmdale, California found a way to put its overstocked items to good use. Many companies are not sure what to do with their overstocked products, but this company is using theirs for a program called Tarps for Kids.

The California-based company, Tarps Plus, has created the Tarps for Kids program by donating their overstocked supply of untreated white canvas tarps, as well some portable building tarps to local schools. The company collaborates with the local schools to set up an event where Tarps Plus shows up with the tarps and painting Portable Garagesupplies and the kids paint them with their teachers.

The Tarps Plus truck will arrive at a school and lay out a 30 x 30 foot white campus tarp. Then a 10 x 10’ white pop-up tent is set up on top of it. The Tarps Plus employees then lay out all of the painting supplies for the kids so they can create their masterpieces! The children dip their hands in the paint and imprint their hands onto the tent along with their teachers, symbolizing the unity of the school. The tarp on the ground is for the children to free paint anything they can imagine.

Tarps Plus CEO said this about the creation of the program;

“We were trying to think of a unique way to use our overstocked tarps and tents. What better way than donating them to schools and getting the children involved with painting them?”

After it is all said and done, the schools use the tarps and tents for fundraisers,
assemblies, and various outdoor functions. Tarps Plus hopes to do the program all throughout California, but for now they are starting with the Southern half. If your school is in the Southern California area and wants to participate in the Tarps for Kids program, you can contact the company at 1-800-838-3057.

New Tent Design allows you and your Motorcycle to be protected from the Elements

portable shelter

Many people enjoy camping and riding their motorcycle or dirt bike. Wouldn’t it be great if you could easily combine the two activities? Redverz Gear has a product that allows you to camp and protect both you and your bike from the elements.

The Series II Expedition Tent by Redverz Gear makes it possible for you and your motorbike to sleep safely and stay protected from any of the outdoor elements. The Series II Expedition fits into a carry bag that only weighs 13 pounds and measures 10 by 21 inches, making it extremely portable. However, once it is unpacked and assembled,motorcyle garage canopy the versatile portable shelter increases to a size of 100 by 201 inches.

The tent is made from ripstop nylon, with a double wall designed to eliminate condensation. There are two separate areas in the tent, one for you to sleep in, and a larger secondary area that can be used to park your bike. Now whenever you are not using the bike, it can stay completely covered, protecting it from the sun and rain. Inside the tent there is also a mosquito and privacy door. The sleeping area can easily fit two people comfortably.

The tent, that is essentially a portable garage, has enough space in the bigger area to fit up to two bikes. The same area you can park your bikes doubles as a utility area that you can use to cook. There are many times when you are camping and an unexpected rainstorm may hit, making it difficult to cook and stay dry. The Series II Expedition will allow you to complete many tasks with a height large enough to allow most people to stand up inside. So whether you want to stand up and get dressed or park a motorcycle inside, the Expedition has enough space.

Portable Garage


Homeless Inventor Gets a Second Chance with Portable Housing Pod


Mike Williams was broke and homeless, living on the streets, until he teamed up with a doctor that gave him a second chance at life. Early in Mike Williams’ life, he saw great success as an inventor. A dentist visit for a cracked tooth would change his life forever.

Mike was at the dentist for his cracked tooth and asked if he could see it. The dentist told him he could use a mirror, but there was no camera or anything to show him the inside of his mouth. Well Mike decided to invent something that would let people see inside their mouths, the first intraoral camera.

The invention was a success, and it led to other medical technology ventures that made him millions of dollars. However, Mike’s life as an inventor and entrepreneur would be short lived, as soon he would be broke and homeless. After the housing market crashed and destroyed many of his financial capabilities, his home went into foreclosure in 2009. He was then scammed and lost about $2.5 million, and the hits kept coming. His wife asked for a divorce, his kids collected their things, and Williams was in the streets.

Last August, Mike was sleeping in a park in Sacramento when two men kicked and beat him unconscious. They took all of his belongings and left him severely injured. Little did he know that the beating would change his life and give him a second chance.

With no health insurance, Williams had to wait hours to see a doctor. Finally he was seen by Dr. Jong Chen, the man who would give Mike the second chance he needed. They struck up conversation during the visit and Dr. Chen asked about how Mike became homeless and what he did before that. Mike was telling him his story when he told the doctor, “As a matter of fact, I’m the inventor of that little wire catheter you’re using.”Portable Housing Pod

Dr. Chen thought it was a waste for such an amazing inventor to be living on the streets, so he decided to team up with Mike. They went to breakfast soon after to talk about any new ideas Mike had devised. He then told the doctor about his idea for a portable housing unit that would provide a secure, safe place for the homeless and people that are displaced in society. Williams said he came up with the idea while resting in a dumpster, one of the only safe places he could find. He even drew up plans for a 6 by 6 foot structure that had a bed and chemical toilet.

With Dr. Chen’s help, they created a company to start working on a prototype portable housing pod. They envisioned more applications, such as FEMA using them for emergency housing and airports renting them out to travelers with long layovers.

Dr. Chen helped get Mike back on his feet, and the duo are working on producing their portable housing pod.