Always Consider a Sturdy Design for a Carport

Weather may damage or bring down a carport, but the shelters, when installed correctly, are designed to withstand several types of weather conditions. For example, a fully metal carport made from galvanized steel has a lifespan of 15 to 20 years and, even when rain, wind, or hail hits, the structure should remain undamaged. Polyethylene and metal carports, similarly, are built to withstand winds up to 95 MPH and snowfalls up to nearly 50 pounds and may only become damaged by severe hail storms. Of course, such structures may falter somewhat with age, but when winds or rain result in your carport or portable garage collapsing, the structure wasn’t sturdy enough or installed properly to begin with.

This was the case in a recent news story from Gilroy, California, in which a carport for an apartment complex collapsed from recent rains. Residents want the damaged structure gone, as, surrounded by police tape, the collapsed carport simply takes up space. At the time this happened, nearly a month ago, the carport still has not been removed, fixed, or replaced.

The image accompanying the article, additionally, shows a different story. Portable shelters and buildings, such as the carports sold by Shelters of America, are made with a sturdy design of a galvanized steel frame and a roof made from the same metal or from heavy-duty polyethylene treated to be waterproof and UV resistant. The picture of the carport accompanying the article depicts a sorry, dilapidated structure that, from looks alone, shows a cheap, thin roof and no poles in sight. From a distance, the roof even appears like a crumpled piece of cardboard. If you plan to give your residents a carport, give them one that will withstand nearly all elements – and will stay put and protect their cars even through the rain.