Canvas Garages for Summer Vehicle Storage

Portable garages and carports are popular forms of shelter for people who want to protect their cars, trucks, and other vehicles from the elements when they don’t have a permanent garage.

The benefits of these structures are numerous. They are economical, easy to assemble, and effective at preventing damage from the elements, falling tree limbs, and more.

There are two basic types of portable garages and carports: those with metal covers and those with fabric or canvas covers.

Canvas Garages are Ideal for Summertime Storage

Carports with fabric covers and canvas garages are light, affordable options that work great for summer vehicle storage. They can provide excellent shade during the hottest part of the year, as well as more than adequate protection against sun damage, rain, pollen, and more.

In the winter, however, heavy snow loads and more severe weather may make a more robust metal-covered garage advisable.

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