Portable Locker Rooms give Runners a Place for Storage

Blue Trailer

If you are a competitive runner, this scenario is all too familiar with you. You try to hide your jacket behind a bush or other secret hiding spot until you finish the race. When you return to the spot you thought no one would look, your jacket is gone. One fellow runner has started a business to give people a place to store their items safely while they enjoy their race.

Molly MacDonald had lost countless sweatshirts, jackets, and t-shirts before coming out with her brilliant idea. She launched her company, Blue Trailer, to give competitors a safe and dry place to keep their belongings during races and other events. Blue Trailer uses portable locker rooms that athletes can use to store any of their personal belongings without fear of losing them while they Runnerscompete.

The simple, yet practical idea is not in full motion yet. MacDonald is still fundraising money to compile the necessary materials for the company’s first portable locker room. MacDonald said that the only option racers have currently is a bag check, if it is offered, or to find a great hiding spot. If you do use the bag check, you have to have a bag, and you don’t have easy access to your stuff.

Many racers like to take pictures for their Instagram or write their Facebook status right before they take off. With Blue Trailer, runners can do all that and quickly store their phones safely in a locker right before the race starts. The portable storage units will come in three sizes, based on how much stuff you have. The first trailer they designed will have 500 lockers available for people to use. The company also wants to eventually have “good luck” bags in the lockers, coupons, and even random Blue Trailer t-shirts in some lockers. The company will also be pledging a portion of their sales to charity. Blue Trailer will have its first portable locker room at the Black Cat race in Salem during March 2014.