Students Using Portable Shelters to Raise Awareness

Using portable structures like carports, canopies, greenhouses, etc. is useful beyond your own personal storage or adding space to your property for valuables. Some students in Morrisville, NY, are using handmade portable shelters as a way to observe a national awareness week for homelessness. According to the Madison County New York News, events regarding the cause will be happening all over Morrisville State College Campus:

“…faculty, staff and students on the Morrisville State College campus are doing [much] to raise education, action and awareness about hunger and homelessness during National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week Nov. 14-20. The campus will be hosting food drives and other associated activities, including a hygiene drive challenge.”

The most interesting part about this campus’s involvement is one professor’s decision to include a design-specific class as a pivotal part of the efforts. The article says that one architecture class has been tasked with designing homemade portable shelters that will act as a home for one night of the week-long observation. The shelters have a few stipulations that will act as a learning experience for many of the students:

“In preparation, Englot’s students have been researching rural homelessness and will design individual makeshift shelters on a shoestring budget. Innovativeness, like using donated and recycled materials, scraps and castoffs will be an important consideration in their design. The task comes with rules and guidelines—shelters must be habitable, portable, resistant to moisture and cold, provide light and ventilation to the interior, and must be aesthetically pleasing.”

As the winter approaches, I don’t expect any of our readers to develop and create their own personal shelter solutions for your property. You should always purchase portable storage sheds and temporary garages from reliable sources to ensure not only proper protection, but also safety.