Students Design Amazing Portable Shelter

Many people today live in permanent dwellings – whether they are exquisite abodes or humble homes. But with the flood of natural disasters that have been occurring lately around the world it is important to be prepared in case of an emergency. If your home is leveled by a tornado or earthquake or becomes inaccessible due to a flood it is important to have an alternative plan to provide yourself and your family with shelter.

One group of Nanjing Forestry University students has been working diligently to create a portable building that can act as a shelter for people in time of an emergency. The students managed to create a shelter that is made primarily of packaging materials and is six square meters in size. The economy shelters which may seem small at first glance take one hour to assemble and cost $309.00 would actually seem quite accommodating in a time of need to post people, reported Inventor Spot.

β€œThe use of packing materials by the Nanjing Forestry University students is based on the materials’ light weight and flat format which are ideal for convenient transport to disaster areas by air. As well, packing materials have insulating qualities meant to cushion items being shipped but that do double duty when used as the walls of a shelter.”

While there was no word on where you may purchase these quick-fix shelters if you find one you may want to pick it up if you ever see it in stores. Being prepared for disastrous events is an important part of life; by purchasing a portable shelter of some kind you are sure to have protection in a time of need. These easy-assembled portable shelters will be a great addition to your survival kit if natural disaster ever does strike and you find yourself in a bind.