boat in carport

Storing Your Boat for the Winter? Use a Carport

If you’re the lucky owner of a boat, then you know just how great it feels to be out on the open waters, sun glistening, enjoying your vessel. You also know the work and cost associated with keeping your boat operational. That’s why off-season storage should be an important focus.

Rental fees at marinas can be exorbitant. And then there is the worry over big storms and damage from the sun and debris. Save money, and keep your boat on your property, under a covered carport instead.

Here’s a closer look at the reasons you should opt for a carport to store your boat this winter.


After you’ve had your last thrill in the water for the season and you’ve removed the bilge drain, scrubbed the boat’s hull and deck, and let everything dry-up, it’s time to store and protect your costly investment over the winter months.

Boat canopies and metal carports that are designed for long-term storage are made with steel frames and come with UV-resistant, waterproof polyurethane covers. These features as well as an enclosed option, means you’ll be able to shield your boat from bad weather and damage while withstanding strong winds and weight from the snow.


Since boats come in all different sizes and lengths, it can be hard to predict whether or not a brick and mortar permanent storage location is the right choice. Getting a portable dwelling makes it easy to measure accurately, assemble and choose the location where you’d like to store your boat. You don’t get that kind of versatility when you have to make or rent a spot at a permanent structure.

As an added benefit, carports can be used for more than storing your boat in off season, they can even be used for an outdoor get together with tables and chairs – the possibilities or endless. If you don’t need it though, you can also take it apart and store it away until next season.

Cost Savings

With all of the options a carport offers, it’s easy to see you’re getting the best bang for your buck. The cost savings alone by not having to get permits drawn up and purchased and the fees to have a permanent shelter constructed are important to consider. Also many marinas have expensive dock harbor and dry dock fees. With a portable garage shelter, you can make a one-time purchase and quickly make a return on that investment.

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