Start Planting With a Portable Greenhouse

When is the best time to begin planting? For most farmers and gardeners, this includes whenever the frosts pass, which can be found in various frost guides. But, if you own a greenhouse, planting vegetables, fruits, and plants never seems to stop. In fact, if you want to get an early start on spring vegetables and fruits, it’s advised that you start growing them in a greenhouse to protect them from any possible late frosts. Some plants can withstand frosts, while most will be damaged by them. This article gives some tips on using a greenhouse to start growing your spring vegetables.

One affordable option to start growing any spring vegetables is with a portable greenhouse. These structures, made from a galvanized steel frame and enclosed polyethylene canopy, can be used all year, with or without a heat source. But, even if you don’t use these structures to tend your plants in the colder months, you can take your portable greenhouse out from storage to start growing your plants. This is particularly easier if you’re a gardener, but even farmers can use large greenhouses to start growing certain vegetables and fruits in colder weather without the threat of frost.

One issue concerning portable greenhouses is to heat or not to heat. This, of course, depends upon the plants you’re growing. If certain species call for a specific temperature, finding a way to heat them is necessary to their growth. If middling early spring temperatures are appropriate to start growing, then the portable greenhouse may not need to be heated. However, if you plan to use the greenhouse in winter months, the shelter must be heated, especially if you’re growing off-season plants. Additionally, lighting and watering may be other issues much like heating that need to be addressed with all plants in a greenhouse.