Spring Is a Good Time to Invest in a Portable Garage

portable garage springSpring is here, and we should be getting a break from cold temperatures and snow. Even though spring is warmer and has less severe weather than winter, it still comes with risks to vehicles.

One of the greatest spring hazards to cars and trucks is pollen that falls from trees. If it is not removed quickly, pollen can wear away at your vehicle’s paint. This can create faded color and patches that are lighter than the rest of the vehicle. The cost to repaint a car or truck can be high and out of reach for many people.

Warmer seasons bring other potential causes of damage to vehicles. Moisture from spring and summer rains can cause a vehicle to rust. Hot summer sun can fade paint and cause a vehicle to be heated to temperatures that can be unbearable when you get in to drive somewhere.

Other weather and environmental hazards can cause damage to vehicles. Winter snow and ice can be difficult to remove from a vehicle, and the moisture can cause rust. Heavy winds can blow debris on a vehicle and possibly cause damage.

The best way to protect your vehicle from spring pollen, moisture, sunlight, and wind is to store it in a garage when you are not using it. If you do not have a garage at your home, or if it is already being used to store other vehicles, you have another option: a portable garage.

Portable storage buildings are sturdy and durable. They are constructed with steel frames and heavy-duty polyethylene covers that provide protection from all types of weather. A portable garage can shield your vehicle from pollen, rain, and heat. Short of a garage attached to your house, a portable storage building offers the best protection for a vehicle year-round.

Spring is the best time to set up a portable storage building because snow is no longer an issue and the ground is softer, making it easy to drive in anchors to support the building. A portable garage is a wise investment that can protect your vehicle from the elements and help you prevent a host of potentially expensive problems.