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Spring Boating Season: What to Do With Your Carport

Warmer weather is finally arrived! With spring fially making its enterance, it wont be long before you’ll be out on open waters enjoying sailing and cruising along in your boat. Before you do though, you’ll need to get your boat out of storage and prep it to head back out on the waters.

In this post we’ll discuss getting your boat ready for the spring season and out of storage and what to do with your carport.

How to Prepare Your Boat for a New Season

The best word of advice when taking your boat back out after winterizing and storing it, is to consult with the user manual. There will be important and specific information about the manufacturer’s suggestions for seasonal care. Pay attention to mechanics on the boat and be sure to inspect for any cracks and electrical connections and other needed repairs.

If there are no fixes needed, you should wash your boat to remove dirt or debris that may have accumulated over the months while it was in storage. This is also a great time to take inventory of safety gear and supplies and ensure the boat’s battery can hold a charge.

What to do with the Carport

If your boat was stored under a carport over the winter months, you may be wondering what to do during the warm months when you won’t be using it. The great thing about a carport – especially a metal one – is that they can still provide great protection from the elements, even in the spring and summer months. Rain and strong sunlight are still culprits behind damage to a boat. Don’t leave yours exposed.

Perhaps continuing to use the carport when you’re not out on the water makes most sense, if you tow your boat or have a smaller vessel. If your boat will be docked, you can choose to either take the carport down or store it until you’ll need it again in the winter or use it for other storage needs. Carports actually make the perfect place to host a party so weather for outdoor events isn’t an issue.

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