Snow and Boat Canopies

Go to any seaside location along the east coast – New London, Connecticut, the Jersey Shore, and even the harbor in Baltimore – and many yachts and sail boats are lines along the docks. In the summer, these boats are often active or at least docked temporarily. When the weather gets colder, however, these boats need to be taken out of the water and protected. One option we’ve seen has been boat shelters or canopies, which can be used at home or on a dock. One issue that arises when using such a structure on a dock, however, is how it will be anchored.

A recent news story shows why such structures need to be anchored. On an average day for most areas of the mid-Atlantic, snow isn’t a problem, unless you live in update New York or Vermont. But, even in these coastal areas, snow can still hit and, as evident by the article, it can lead these structures to collapse onto the boats. Even when the boats are docked, the canopies themselves need to be anchored to give their full protection. If not, they may topple over or collapse onto the boats, as seen in the article.

If you plan to protect your boat by canopy, moving the boat to your home may be a better option. After all, the boat is in the comfort of your yard – assuming this doesn’t violate local building codes or zoning laws – and is fully protected by a canopy that can be anchored in concrete or by metal anchors. If you simply need to keep a boat by a dock, a better alternative is using a boat cover or tarp. Nevertheless, the issue that arises with any boat in a dock is snow. Too much snow accumulating inside will cause the structure to sink or will damage the mast.