Shelters Being Developed for Canadian Military

When it comes to portable buildings, one might think about that carport they just installed next to their home. A vintage auto collector would think about the portable garage that was installed to keep the classic vehicles safe from nasty weather. However, portable buildings also act as shelters for people who are less fortunate than others – portable shelters have been used in the aftermath of many natural disasters, including Hurricane Katrina and the earthquake that rocked Haiti some years ago.

Portable shelters are now being developed for the Canadian military to help them set up outposts all over the world. According to The Now, these shelters will be able to operate independently:

“…one of the largest providers of sheet metal in [Canada] is part of the federal government’s $60-million defence procurement to aid Canadian Forces around the world. The two Canadian companies are responsible for the production of 400 cuttingedge [sic] portable shelters that will act as “pop up cities” for Canadian Forces abroad.”

The shelters are 20 feet long, making them large enough to hold a number of different elements inside. The article says the shelters will come complete with medical supplies and kitchen tools, but have the ability to adapt to any situation. If need be, the units can be transformed into command centers and satellite ground centers. They will also include the necessary machines for power – no electrical grid connection is needed:

“Each unit will have its own onboard mechanical rooms with power generators, fuel tanks, batteries and electrical and air conditioning systems. This allows the unit to be fully operational in any climate conditions, a feature no other military units have…”

Each of these portable shelters will cost around $150,000 and they have been put into production already. The money being spent is part of the Canadian military’s plan to update all of their operations.