Shelters of America Portable Structure FAQs Answered world of portable structures, buildings, carports, canopies and the like can be confusing, especially with so many inferior self-install products available. How do you know what to choose when you in the market to buy a canopy or portable building? Shelters of America, a leader in the world of canopies and carports, is here to help with a large selection of premier products to aid you in protecting your valuables, whether they are vehicles, boats or some other item you need room for. At Shelters of America, a lot of questions are asked, so here are some of the most pertinent things to know about our products:

–          Shelters of America carries products made from galvanized steel frames instead of powder coated steel. The latter has the ability to rust, scratch and be unreliable, negative traits that galvanized steel doesn’t have. There is also the anti-corrosion that galvanized steel offers to people relying on canopies in terrible weather conditions like rain, snow, etc.

–          Galvanized steel also has a much higher threshold for tension and can handle larger amounts of weight if necessary. It won’t wear itself thin from the inside out like power-coated steel. You can’t go wrong with strength and corrosion protection in one package.

–          Always be aware of the warranties that come along with your shelters – this can add a lot to the value of the product you buy. Even though we have some of the best canopies and garages you will ever find, having a strong warranty is a benefit that pays off in case of problems.

–          The buildings at Shelters of America are built to withstand all kinds of weather, but that doesn’t mean that you should overlook bigger storms that require special attention to your portable shelter. If a large storm is on its way, make sure to secure your shelters extra carefully with appropriate anchors and canopy accessories as well.