Miter Box Portable House

Shelter Wise Creates Portable Miter Box Home

Miter Box portable houseDerin Williams, a co-owner of Shelter Wise, has created the Miter Box, a 150-square-foot home on wheels. Williams said that while most tiny homes are rustic and cabin-like, he took a Northeast salt box and added modern finishes.

The tiny house has a triangle roof, a few small windows, and a door. The Miter Box has a 122-square-foot main floor and a 28-square-foot loft. It is named after a woodworking tool that is used to make precise cuts.

The Miter Box home includes super-insulated walls, sound-proof windows, and hidden storage space. Williams said the home is designed for a minimalist who wants to keep belongings out of sight. He said that by limiting the amount of living space available, people have to carefully consider what to buy.

Almost everything in the Miter Box is designed to serve a dual purpose. For example, the kitchen includes a hydraulic dining room table that can be converted into a bed. The “wet bath” is designed to function as both a shower and a lavatory with a flushing toilet. This type of design is intended to make the tiny house feel larger.

Williams said most of his customers are young, but many are middle-aged women who want to downsize. Many people asked him to put the Miter Boxes on wheels to make them portable.

Williams is a certified sustainable building advisor and home performance contractor. He was inspired to design tiny houses after taking a trip to Africa with his wife and seeing first-hand how people there live with less. Shelter Wise also designs accessory dwelling units.