Shelter Animals Gain Cover with Carports

Carports and portable garages have a number of usages that go beyond the uses that are inherent in their names. Sure, you can store your car, truck or lawnmower beneath them, but those are just the main reasons a person might have a carport or portable shelter. Sometimes, a story comes along where these items are utilized in a way you might not have thought of.

According to My Daily Register, a grant has been given to an animal shelter in Point Pleasant, WV. The money is being used to install a carport style cover to shield dogs from the weather. This cover will serve a number of purposes – the article says:

“It will allow animals housed at the shelter to be in a safe, outside environment while their inside kennels are being cleaned and dry. It allows dogs to be outside with the benefit of adequate shelter. It can also serve as a place for potential adopters to spend alone time with a specific dog outside. The new outdoor kennels are not meant to be used for any permanent or extended overnight housing of animals.”

The $13,000 covering was purchased using the aforementioned grant, which was awarded from the Robert and Louise Clafin Foundation, the article says. The main mission of the foundation is to aid and care for stray animals, just like those who will benefit from this project:

“The couple was also devoted to the care of stray animals in the community by providing food, companionship and sometimes, shelter to cats and dogs, which makes the donation to the animal shelter fitting, to say the least.”

More and more, we are seeing new ways to utilize carports and portable garages. Whether it’s a run-in shed for horses or a carport cover for shelter animals, semi-permanent shelter is important.