Security Tips for Portable Garages

Using a portable garage can be extremely beneficial when it comes to needing extra storage space or somewhere to keep your car or other vehicles safe from the elements.

Portable shelters are a popular choice not only because they are the more affordable option, but also because they are versatile and can be moved or taken down and set-up as needed.

Even with all of these benefits, there are still things you’ll need to be concerned with, as with any storage area, and that includes security.

Protecting these dwellings may seem difficult since they do not have a locks and doors, but there are several things you can do to deter theft.

Keep Your Yard Well Lit

One of the best ways to protect your property is to add motion sensor lighting. In particular to areas that are dark at night, these bright lights will deter thieves from hiding and perpetrating their crime. Anytime something passes through the area with a sensor, a bright light will shine to expose the area. Be sure these lights are aimed around the area where your portable shed is for extra security.

Cover All Windows

If you have a fully enclosed portable garage with windows, consider covering or frosting the windows to keep the contents of the portable shelter ambiguous. If burglars are unsure of what’s inside, they may move on to an easier target.

Use Security Systems

It’s a good idea today with the lower costs and availability of technology to invest in a video monitoring system for your property. The added peace of mind you’ll get by being able to check out what’s happening in and outside of your home,  even when you aren’t home – as well as the ability to do so from your mobile device, is a comfort many homeowners are coming to enjoy today.

Keep Security Top of Mind

One of the best ways to prevent theft is to keep the possibility that it can happen to you top of mind. If you’re thinking like a criminal and setting up and arranging the contents of your portable garage with this idea in mind, you may think twice about leaving your space open and vulnerable or putting highly valuable items in plain sight.

Get a Metal Carport

If using locks and keeping the contents of your portable garage are especially important, you can also opt for a metal carport. These shelters offer superior strength and durability with all-steel framing, heavy 14 gauge triple layer galvanized steel tubing and metal roofing built of 29 gauge steel with an 80,000-PSI yield strength minimum.

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