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Seasonal Storage: Here’s What You Should Know

If you live in a region where seasonal climate changes are great enough that storing possessions is a must, then you also understand the costs associated with storage. Whether it’s an antique car, motorcycle, boat or ATV, when the weather isn’t right, using these vehicles is impossible. However, failure to properly store them when not in use, also leaves them at risk for tons of damage.

The good news is that seasonal storage can be manageable if you weigh your options and make informed decisions. Portable garages and shelters are one way to save on costs while still protecting your precious assets from the elements.

Here are some other things to consider when it comes to seasonal storage.

motorcycle shelterSize

Depending if you’re storing one motorcycle, or an entire RV, you’ll need to think about size. That means knowing what area of your yard you can dedicate to a portable shelter and then buying one that is large enough to store your items. Measure both your items and add some buffer space around the shelter to choose one large enough.

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You’ll also have to consider various types of portable garage storage options depending what you are storing. For example, you might need something that’s completely enclosed to protect an antique car from snow or debris, but you could also use something open and just covered on top if it’s only a motorcycle or an ATV that you still want to have access to over those months. Before you selected a portable storage option, do your research and see what’s recommended for your specific item and best practices for proper storage.


Regardless of the type of toy you’re needing to put away for the season, the fact is that rain, wind and sun can cause serious damage. Choose shelters that are built with frames constructed using heavy-duty structural steel and that have waterproof, triple laminated polyethylene material for covers.

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