firewood in portable garage

Seasonal Portable Garage Storage Ideas

If you live in a state that has changing temperatures each season, then you’re already aware of the benefits of protecting your outdoor investments when they aren’t in use.

Portable garages and shelters are the perfect solution when you can’t build a brick and mortar storage area for these items. They are beneficial because they can be easily taken down when not in use and because they cost significantly less than building a permanent structure.

Here are some seasonal portable garage storage ideas to consider.

Patio Furniture

Patio furniture that lets you enjoy the warm summer months eating al fresco and entertaining guests in your backyard oasis costs a pretty penny. Leaving them out in the winter months when they aren’t being used can cause damage, pose issues if wind strengths are bad enough, and can even unnecessarily shatter, fade or rip if not well cared for. In a covered dwelling you’ll be able to preserve the integrity of these items so they can be used again next season in the same condition you left them.


No matter what season we’re in, firewood should be dry in order to burn properly. Bringing large loads of wood indoors poses issues of unwelcomed critters and guests, so it is much better left outside until it’s being used. A portable garage shelter is the perfect place to store firewood to keep it dry and allow it to get seasoned for the winter. Remember to also place firewood on a rack to keep it off of the damp floor as it dries out.


If you have livestock, you’ll also need to consider a safe place to keep your animals protected from the elements. With a livestock storage shelter you’ll have somewhere safe and sturdy to keep animals when the weather outdoors is too much for them to bare. There are also structures that can be built to create an indoor riding arena for horses or storing of farm equipment.

Most portable garage structures have a canopy, a galvanized steel frame and are treated to be UV and rot resistant as well as waterproof. At Shelters of America we have instant storage shelters in a variety of colors & styles to match what you are looking for. Contact us today to learn more.