jeep in portable garage

Replacing the Cover on Your Portable Garage

Portable garages are a great option to shelter a car, boat, ATV, RV – or even livestock when there are no options for a dedicated dwelling. They are also more cost effective and whenever repairs are needed, it’s as easy as ordering a replacement cover.

The frames are built of durable powder coated or galvanized steel tubing and include covers made of durable layered Polyethylene with a rip stop material for long lasting durability. However, over time the covers can become weathered or torn and will eventually need to be replaced.

Here’s how to replace the cover on your portable garage so you can continue to enjoy it’s functionality for all of your storage needs.

Remove Damaged Garage Cover

Once you have assessed the damage to the cover and ensured the rest of the frame is still in good condition, you’ll simply need to remove the damaged cover by disconnecting any attachments or tie-downs currently holding it in place and sliding the cover off of the frame. You may require a ladder or assistance depending on the size of the portable garage.

Order New Cover from Portable Garage Depot

Head over to our site and browse through the various options and sizes available to fit your portable garage, carport, or storage building. Consider additional options like a roll-up or zipper door kit to make your portable garage an enclosed shelter, or improve circulation and add a vent. Be sure to select the proper sizing and fit.

Install New Cover on Portable Garage

Using the same steps as when you removed the damaged cover from the portable garage, you’ll now add the new cover back onto the frame. Be sure to insert the cover into any poles and brackets and secure them back to the proper position. Replace any tie-downs and other fittings and you have a new, fully functional dwelling that you’ll get more years of use from.

Portable Garage Depot carries a wide selection of all-weather portable garages including building kits that provide everything you need to protect your investments from the elements. Available in a myriad of sizes, our storage buildings can accommodate anything that needs protection – both temporary or permanent- and we ship nationwide.

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