replacement cover

Replacement Covers: Don’t Wait Until it’s Too Late!

Portable garages are great for so many reasons: They’re affordable, versatile, easy to move and they don’t require you to break ground and build a permanent structure to get protected storage.

Even with long-lasting polyethylene covers that resist tears, over time, it’s inevitable that normal wear will compromise the integrity of the cover.

Here’s why it make sense to get a replacement cover even if you don’t have a tear.

Outside of normal weathering, Mother Nature could also bring a nasty, windy storm and a branch from a tree could hypothetically come ripping through the cover.

Be prepared for these situations by buying a replacement cover in advance of any issues and storing it away for safe keeping.

It’s easy to take down an old, worn cover and simply put the new cover on in the same positioning. You’ll want to also take inventory of the frame and other parts to ensure they’re still in working order as well.

Then the only thing you have to do is keep a regular eye on your portable garage going forward to guarantee its longevity.

You can also consider a different style cover when you order a replacement. If it’s made to fit your style frame, you may want to consider a zip-up door or a cover that’s made to last longer – the options are endless.

At Portable Garage Depot, we offer a selection of replacement cover options for your dwelling. From a multitude of sizes and style selections, our goal is to help you keep your property protected. Get instant, convenient year-round storage and protection for cars, trucks, ATV, motorcycles, boats, equipment and much more.